International Medical College was established in 2000 with the aim of providing quality medical education that can produce skilled medical professionals.  Since the establishment, it has already grown significantly and achieved widespread recognition for its academic excellence and dedicated services. Students from both home and abroad are studying in this college in a very congenial environment.

International Medical College


International Medical College is located about 22 km away from the city center of Dhaka, more specifically, on the outskirts of Tongi. It is within 30 minutes of distance from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, and the main Railway station and Bus terminals of Dhaka City.

The Campus

The campus has wonderful surroundings away from the hassle of hectic city life. It is enriched with the touches of nature – green vegetation, spaced villages, and large water bodies and so on. This natural setting provides a perfect place for learning because everyone has a chance to reflect on the matters that need utmost focus and depth of understanding in solitude. So, it is a great advantage for the medical students for delving into the most sophisticated knowledge of the world – the knowledge of human body.

The college has its unique infrastructural facilities with the modern amenities that an educational institution can offer at international level. The present campus of the college has an area of about 9 acres of land. It is surrounded by a boundary wall so that the highest level security can be maintained.

The office and all Preclinical and Para clinical departments are located in the academic building. The lecture galleries, classrooms, dissection hall, laboratories, museums, library and other facilities are appropriately arranged in various floors of the academic building.

MBBS Admission at International Medical College Through Fortune Education

For students looking to pursue an MBBS degree at International Medical College (IMC) in Bangladesh through Fortune Education, here are the steps and important information you might need to know. Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh, acts as a facilitator for students seeking admission to various medical colleges in Bangladesh, including IMC.

Steps for MBBS Admission at IMC Through Fortune Education:

  1. Research and Consultation:
    • Start by researching International Medical College and its MBBS program. Fortune Education provides detailed information about the college, including course duration, fee structure, and the facilities available.
    • Consult with Fortune Education advisors to get a clearer understanding of the admission process, eligibility criteria, and to address any queries you might have.
  2. Eligibility Check:
    • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for MBBS admission at IMC. Typically, this would include academic requirements (such as high school performance in science subjects), age criteria, and a qualifying score in NEET (for Indian students) or equivalent entrance examinations for students from other countries.
  3. Application Process:
    • Submit your application through Fortune Education. You will need to provide academic transcripts, NEET scorecard (if applicable), passport-sized photographs, and any other required documents.
    • Fortune Education will guide you through filling out the application form accurately and compiling the necessary documents.
  4. Admission Letter:
    • Once your application is reviewed and accepted by International Medical College, you will receive an admission letter. Fortune Education assists in interpreting the details of the admission letter and next steps.
  5. Financial Arrangements:
    • Discuss the fee structure and make necessary financial arrangements. Fortune Education provides advice on the payment schedule, bank loan assistance (if required), and other financial planning aspects.
  6. Visa Application:
    • Apply for a student visa. Fortune Education can guide you through the visa application process, including documentation and tips for the visa interview.
  7. Pre-departure Briefing:
    • Attend a pre-departure briefing organized by Fortune Education. This session covers travel arrangements, accommodation in Bangladesh, cultural orientation, and other essential preparations.
  8. Arrival and Enrollment:
    • Upon arrival in Bangladesh, Fortune Education or IMC representatives may assist you with airport pick-up and accommodation.
    • Complete the enrollment process at International Medical College, including document verification and registration.

Key Considerations:

  • Deadline Adherence: Make sure to apply within the application deadlines specified by IMC or Fortune Education.
  • Financial Planning: Be clear about the total cost involved, including tuition fees, living expenses, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • Accommodation: Decide whether you’ll opt for college-provided accommodation or make other living arrangements.
  • Cultural Preparation: Familiarize yourself with the culture and norms of Bangladesh to ease your transition.

Choosing to study MBBS at International Medical College through Fortune Education can be a significant step towards a successful medical career. Their guidance can simplify the admission process and help you adjust to a new academic and cultural environment.MBBS Admission at International Medical College Through Fortune Education

For MBBS Admission at International Medical College through Fortune Education, students can follow a streamlined process facilitated by Fortune Education, which serves as a liaison between prospective students and medical colleges in Bangladesh. Here’s a structured overview of how Fortune Education can assist students in securing admission to International Medical College for their MBBS program:

  1. Initial Inquiry and Consultation:
    • Students or guardians should start by contacting Fortune Education for initial counseling and gathering detailed information about International Medical College, including the MBBS program, fees structure, campus facilities, hostel accommodation, etc.
    • Fortune Education provides comprehensive guidance on the eligibility criteria, admission process, document preparation, and other prerequisites for applying to International Medical College.
  2. Eligibility Check and Documentation:
    • Verify your eligibility for the MBBS program based on academic qualifications, NEET scores (for Indian students), and other university-specific requirements.
    • Prepare and compile all necessary documents such as academic transcripts, NEET scorecard, passport-sized photographs, and a copy of the passport.
  3. Application Submission:
    • Fortune Education assists in the application submission process to International Medical College, ensuring that all forms are correctly filled out and all required documents are accurately prepared and submitted.
  4. Admission Letter and Confirmation:
    • Once the application is reviewed and accepted by International Medical College, Fortune Education helps in obtaining the admission letter from the college.
    • They guide through the next steps following the receipt of the admission letter, including understanding the terms of admission and preparing for the subsequent processes.
  5. Financial Arrangements and Fee Payment:
    • Discuss the detailed fee structure, including tuition fees, hostel charges, and other associated costs. Fortune Education can offer advice on financial planning and payment schedules.
    • Some students may require assistance with bank loans or financial documentation, which Fortune Education can provide guidance on.
  6. Visa Application Process:
    • Fortune Education provides assistance with the student visa application process, including document preparation, application submission, and tips for the visa interview.
  7. Pre-departure Orientation:
    • Attend a pre-departure orientation session organized by Fortune Education, which covers essential topics such as travel arrangements, what to pack, cultural orientation, and what to expect upon arrival in Bangladesh.
  8. Arrival and Enrollment:
    • Fortune Education may offer assistance with airport pickup and accommodation arrangements upon arrival in Bangladesh.
    • They will guide through the final enrollment process at International Medical College, ensuring all formalities are completed for a smooth start to the academic journey.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Ensure adherence to application deadlines and visa processing times.
  • Be prepared for financial commitments, including tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Understand the accommodation options, whether on-campus hostel or off-campus housing.
  • Familiarize yourself with the culture, language, and legal requirements of studying in Bangladesh.

Choosing International Medical College through Fortune Education can simplify the admission process, offering a clear pathway for students aiming to pursue an MBBS degree in Bangladesh.